Are you a dentist that is Ready to Put Your Income to Good Use?

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Are you a dentist that is Ready to Put Your Income to Good Use?

Get the free Guide 10 Steps to Financial Success and start your journey today

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Welcome To Seamless FInancial Planning


I'm Andrew, the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®), EA behind Seamless Financial Planning.

I focus on dentists who are ready to reach their lifestyle and financial dreams and set goals to get there.

Together we overcome student and business debt, prepare a solid financial future and build a career that fuels a passion-filled lifestyle.


Why Dentists

Why Dentists

Smiles are more than just teeth


A dental office is a place that most kids will visit once or twice a year. But for me, it became a place that was all too common in my childhood.

As my friends lost their teeth and the tooth fairy showered them with gifts, I was left wondering why I still had all of mine. Over the course of my childhood one dentist after another tried to understand why I still had all of my baby teeth.

My orthodontist was the first doctor to uncover the mystery. It was Oligodontia--no permanent teeth on my x-rays.

Painful in the exam chair and beyond.

From there I saw a prosthodontist and then an oral surgeon who confirmed the diagnosis and formed a plan around my 17 missing permanent teeth. 

Missing so many teeth ultimately left me very self-conscious about my smile. In middle school kids nicknamed me "The Grand Canyon" in honor of the gap between my front teeth.

I hated smiling. I begged for braces and when the gap closed, I felt like I could show off my front teeth. I could finally smile. 

I could confidently smile.

It didn't last.

I spent eight years in braces while the doctor moved my permanent teeth in anticipation for implants. A traumatic experience for me and my primary teeth. Eventually my baby teeth called it quits and gave the tooth fairy a reason to look under my pillow. 

The embarrassment about the gap between my front teeth seemed minor compared to my embarrassment over missing teeth.

When all of my friends were getting their braces off, I was trying to hide my mouth full of braces and missing teeth. But when my first implant and crown were placed after high school, I felt so much better about myself.

It was another moment of confidence, and it felt like a step in the right direction towards resolving my issue.

Smiling is a gift.

Although only the first step in a long process, my first implant started to lift a heavy weight off my shoulders.

My journey to restore my teeth continues, but now I have a partner by my side. My wife is finishing dental school and she tells me my experience is one of the reasons she chose a profession in dentistry.

I'll never take a smile for granted. I know far too well how important teeth are.

The dentists in my life gave me a powerful gift--I can smile and confidently laugh in public. 

It's my turn to help you smile.

Considering my career path, I'm pulled to give back to the dental community.

I specialize in financial planning for dentists because I know what an impact they have on our lives. My small way of repaying my orthodontist, my prosthodontist and my oral surgeon is to customize my business to fit their needs.

When you think about your financial future, I want you to confidently smile because you're meeting your goals and enjoying the lifestyle your income affords.

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