Purchase a home or practice, without doubt and stress.

Are you considering buying a home? Or purchasing a practice?

Both of these are major financial decisions, that can worry and overwhelm you.

Without a clear understanding of your financial situation, making these major decisions can feel like flipping a coin.

“I love this house! Can I afford it? Heads = yes, tails = no.”

Working with Seamless Financial Planning Eliminates the Guesswork.

My experience and training that qualifies me as a Certified Financial Planner™ minimizes the doubt that comes with making financial decisions.

You Come First, Not a Commission.

In fact, as a fee-only planner, my income isn’t tied to hidden costs or kickbacks from the financial products that I recommend.

I offer comprehensive financial planning services without BIAS. It’s my fiduciary duty.

This means that no one is paying me to sell you a product. I will help you understand all your options and give you the best advice for you. Together we’ll reduce the worry and stress that accompanies major financial decisions.

Questions that I will help you answer include:         

  • Can I afford this home? 
  • What can I do if I can’t afford the house I really want? 
  • Is this the right time to buy a practice?
  • How will buying a home or a practice effect how much I can spend on other things, like student loan repayment?
  • Should I purchase a home if I am only planning on living in it for a few years?

By helping you work through the answers to questions like this, you will feel relief and understanding about your financial situation.

If you are ready to gain a vision for your financial future, schedule your free consultation today!